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1. Shopping

The streets of Hongdae are packed with shops, bargains, cool stores, unique clothes and accessories. Check out the Hongdae Playground Free Market and look around Hongdae to see what types of special clothes you might find. If you’re a fan of kpop or korean dramas (k-drama) check this area for copies of the clothes and accessories your favourite singers and actors/actresses wear.

hongdae shp

2. Check out the cat cafe and Hello Kitty cafe!

Hongdae offers many unique experience, which these unique types of coffee shops are. Want to drick coffee with your friends whilst playing with cats? Check out the local cat cafes. Want to feel some of your childhood whilst enjoying eating a cake which has the face of Hello Kitty? And all off this surrounded by the colour pink? Check out the Hello Kitty cafe!



3. Go with friends to play in the Trick Eye Museum!

The trick-eye museum is a great place to take your friends and take a bunch of pictures. Spend a fun afternoon in the cafe and make sure to bring your camera, to remember this unique experience forever~~

trick eye

4. Go check out the big amount of clubs and bars that Hongdae has to offer!

Some of these are: EXIT, Thursday Party, Cocoon, NB2, HOBAR, Mama Gorilla, Papa Gorilla, Big Baby, Mikes Cabin, FF, Gogos, Dancing Teacher etc. Also there’s at any time of the year a good season to spend some time with friends in the Hongdae playground. Hongdae at nighttime also offers performances from not yet discovered singers and performers.



5. Try out the yummy frozen yogurt style ice cream at Snow Spoon!

With broad choices of toppings (everything from chocolate to fruit) and flavors of yogurt ice cream this cools down anyone on a hot summer day. Also works if you’re craving ice cream on any other seasons during the year. A really popular dessert to recommend (which this cafe doesn’t have, but most other cafes do, Ice Berry and Coffee Bean have it) is the Korean popular dish “Pat Bingsu”: it’s shaved ice, milk, ice cream/frozen yogurt and usually served with red beans or fruit or chocolate (also exists with Oreo Cookie flavor). Delicious on any day you feel like you need to cool down^^

snow spoon

6. Families and friends are more than welcome at the Nanta Theatre.

Cookin’ Nanta is the musical percussion comedy food cooking show that breaks all language barriers. Can be enjoyed by people all ages and there’s no need to speak Korean to be able to understand the show.
7. Whatever types of foods you’re craving for, Hongdae can offer it.

Hongdae is known for it’s diverse food culture, with famous American food restaurants such as: Burger B and Monster Pizza. Mexican food restaurants such as Julio’s and Gusto Taco. Italian restaurants are popular and of course there’s many places for both fast food, street food, chi-mek (Korean style chicken and beer, short for “chicken” and “mekju”, mekju “맥주” being the korean word for “beer”) and traditional Korean food. Make sure to try out the many restaurants around. Also if you like chicken, make sure to try out the beer can chicken. Depending on what chicken and beer place you go to you might also be able to get fried chicken, with salad and ice cream on top.



8. Check out the Nature Cafe/Sheep Cafe!

Near the Hongik University main gate you can have your coffee or tea whilst petting sheep at the Nature Café. They have two sheep in a smaller enclosure outside the cafe. The sheep will let you feed them, the sheep are very friendly and approachable which makes a great photo opportunity. It’s popularity has been growing lately due to the café being featured in a variety of foreign publications in Japan and China and its’ recent feature on the hit Korean TV show “We Got Married.”


9. Check out the artsy cool Mural Street (Alley).

Placed in an alley closed to Hongik University is the 홍대벽화거리 (벽화 – byuk hwa – means mural or wall painting; 거리 – geo ri – means sreet). Hongik University is famous for its art and design courses. All around the area you can find galleries, artsy cafes and design shops. Much of the murals painted in this neighborhood were done by students of the university.

Seoul-Ewha-Hongdae-5 (1)

10. Single bars.

In Hongdae there’s a few single bars, which you go to with your single friends to eat, talk, drink beer and soju (or makgeolli). One of the bars is called “솔로/Solo”. The deal with these bars/restaurants (you have to order food when you’re there) is that people can approach you and join your table if they want (and you let them), whereas you can go to other tables too, if you see someone you like. Similar to speed dating, but you have your friends with you so it’s not awkward. So if you’re feeling like going to get chatted up, or chat up people in a restaurant/bar style area – go here^^

HyunA, Hyorin and Goo Hara on Soju (1)

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